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Electric and Hybrid Electric Ship Propulsion Systems

DRS Technologies offers power-dense permanent magnet (PM) machines and variable frequency propulsion drive solutions for advanced electric and hybrid electric marine propulsion. Our technology can help fulfill requirements for fuel savings and growing power efficiency demands on future ships.

PM machines have significant advantages in size, weight and power over conventional electric motors. They produce more torque from the same amount of supplied current (high-strength magnets provide the rotor flux instead of wire-wound rotor poles), which makes PM machines incredibly power-dense. Their smaller footprint allows more flexibility in engine room design and increased cargo space, and their simpler construction results in proven reliability and durability. With high efficiency performance at full and part load, PM machines can provide significant fuel and maintenance costs savings when incorporated as propulsion system. Ongoing DRS developments in PM propulsion machine design are improving power density, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing manufacturing costs.

Our portfolio of successfully demonstrated propulsion drives for U.S. Navy applications demonstrates our solid capability to meet stringent power quality and acoustic requirements.

We can provide superior E-Drive systems for modernization and next generation naval platforms.

Electric Ship Propulsion
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Integrated Marine Systems Catalog
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