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Mast-Mounted Sight (MMS)

DRS’ Mast Mounted Sight (MMS) is a fully integrated multi-sensor electro-optical sighting system offering both visible and infrared capability. The MMS is equipped with a high-resolution TV camera, thermal imaging sensor, and a laser rangefinder/designator, along with a system processor, power supply, protective shrouds and other components.

The advanced thermal imaging camera enables pilots and crews to acquire, identify and target potential threats over great distances and at any time of day or night, thereby improving situational awareness and survivability. This sensor features a narrow field of view of 1.6° x 2.0° extending to a wide field of view of 4.9° x 3.7°, enabling the MMS user to detect and recognize targets under conditions of poor visibility such as dust, sand, smoke, light fog and night.

Additionally, the MMS employs a laser rangefinder for targeting with laser-guided weapons. The effectiveness of the integrated laser and sensor suite are facilitated by a stabilized, “soft mount” sensor system which isolates the sensors from vibration, pitch, yaw and roll motion, to ensure a solid image, precise tracking, and accurate targeting independent of host aircraft movement.

Mounted above a helicopter’s rotor, the MMS promotes stealth and extended standoff ranges, allowing craft to hide behind existing terrain while maintaining 360-degree surveillance.

Export of this item will require prior approval from the U.S. Government

MMS Stabilized Multi-Sensor 10” Gimbal
(Data Sheet)
[Download PDF]

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