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Thermal Weapon Sights (TWS) II

DRS's Thermal Weapon Sights allow Warfighters to see deep into the battlefield enhancing surveillance and target acquisition – even when visibility is virtually zero.

The state-of-the-art uncooled 25-micron Vanadium Oxide (VOx) thermal imaging technology provides a crisp thermal image of target information through dust, smoke, light fog and complete darkness.

The TWS family is comprised of three variants:
  • Light Weapon Thermal Sight (LWTS) – the LWTS utilizes DRS' 320 x 240, 25 micron uncooled thermal imaging technology. With a weight of less than 2 pounds, the LWTS provides superior range performance with a man target detection range of at least 550 meters. The LWTS features a 2X e-zoom and a field of view extending from 18° x 13.5° to 9° x 6.75°. Best suited for close quarter combat and reconnaissance, it can be used on the M16 and M4 series rifles and carbines as well as the M136 Light Anti-Armor Weapon.

    [Download Datasheet]

  • Medium Weapon Thermal Sight (MWTS) – Weighing 3.07 pounds and utilizing DRS' 640 x 480, 25 micron thermal technology, this lightweight unit has a man target detection range of at least 1,100 meters on a clear battlefield. The MWTS furnishes a wide 18° x 13.5° horizontal field of view for operations in urban terrain and a narrow field of view of 6° x 4.5° for sniping and situations requiring distant target detection and recognition. It can be used on medium weapons such as the M249 and M240 series machine guns.

    [Download Datasheet]

  • Heavy Weapon Thermal Sight (HWTS) – Used on heavy weapons such as squad leaders' M16 and M4 series rifles and carbines, M24 and M107 sniper rifles, M2 HB and MK 19 machine guns, the HWTS utilizes DRS' 640 x 480, 25 micron thermal imaging technology. The HWTS weighs just 3.7 pounds and features a 3X e-zoom with a detection range of at least 2,200 meters. Its 9° x 6.9° to 3° x 2.3° field of view is ideal for detection and identification of distant targets.

    [Download Datasheet]
Forces will be armed with capabilities such as weapon reticle select; electronic image zoom of up to 3X for target magnification and improved aim; a high resolution micro-display with operator-selectable monochrome tint options; and rapid-change, cassette-style tactical power packs for ready power, to minimize downtime during operational engagements. Offering superior image quality and greater battery life than previous models of Thermal Weapon Sights, the DRS units are exceptionally easy to use, featuring menu-based, push-button control of reticle, polarity and brightness.

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