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Introducing the world’s smallest 320 x 240 thermal camera with an integrated shutter for flat-field correction.

With camera modules weighing as little as 30 grams, occupying less than 30 cubic centimeters, and drawing as little as 750 mW of power, the Tamarisk®320 redefines the compact class of thermal cameras making it the ideal solution for applications constrained by aggressive size, weight and power requirements.

The first 320 x 240 VOx microbolometer of its kind, it combines industry leading 17 μm pixel pitch technology with DRS’ patented advanced absorber superstructure to provide greater sensitivity and superior image quality. Regardless of lighting conditions, the camera produces crystal clear imagery during day, night, and through smoke, dust, haze, and fog.

The Tamarisk®320 is available with a lens focal length of 7.5 mm, 11.2 mm, 21 mm or 35 mm, with horizontal fields of view of 40°, 27°, 15°, and 9° respectively and a no lens configuration for mounting a custom optic of your own. Additionally, modular electronics makes the imager very easy to integrate into systems produced by manufacturers, and its low power consumption can provide extended capabilities to those systems.

Light, compact, and easy to integrate, the Tamarisk®320 is the superior choice for security, unmanned vehicles, retail analytics, man-portable imaging devices and unmanned sensor applications.

Export of this item may require prior approval from the U.S. Government.

Click here to download the Tamarisk®320 datasheet
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