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Tunner 60K Aircraft Cargo Loader/Transporter

The Tunner 60K Aircraft Cargo Loader/Transporter is a highly mobile vehicle system that can transport up to six pallets of cargo at a maximum speed of 23 mph. Its versatile deck elevates from 39 inches to 18.5 feet and employs a powered conveyor system to move cargo. The deck has pitch, roll, yaw and side-to-side adjustment for quick, efficient interface with military and commercial cargo aircraft, including the C-5, C-17, B-747, L-1011 and DC-10. The Tunner’s adjustable hydraulic pendular suspensions provide a 151 inch wheel-to-wheel width for loading/unloading and transport operations, and can be rotated inboard 180° for air or truck transport. The suspensions are also hydraulically adjustable to facilitate driving the loader on or off, C-5 or C-17 for air transport. The Tunner is a versatile, durable vehicle with unmatched performance.

Tunner 60K Aircraft Cargo Loader/Transporter
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