Mast-Mounted Sights (MMS)

Target threats from a greater distance at any time of day or night, and adverse weather conditions.


Shawn Dickens

DRS Infrared Sensors & Systems

+1 321 622 1342

Designed to be mounted above a helicopter's rotor, this multi-sensor sighting system not only improves situational awareness through rain, fog or smoke, but it allows laser-guided weapons to accurately aim, despite movement or vibration from the host aircraft. Helicopters can even survey targets in every direction, while remaining hidden behind terrain — further protecting the lives of pilots and crew members.

  • High-resolution TV camera for long-range, low-light target detection
  • 2nd Generation IR thermal imaging sensor for navigation, target acquisition at night or under obscured conditions
  • Laser rangerfinder/designator for precise target location and guidance of armament
  • Boresight assembly for quick in-flight sensor alignment


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